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Other Tools

There are other tools that are not used to create the traffic repository but can read tcpdump files and useful for analyzing traces afterwards.

tcpslice by Vern Paxon extracts portions of a trace. tcptrace by Shawn Ostermann produces detailed information about each TCP connection in a trace. tracelook by Greg Minshall provides xgraph plots of TCP connections in a trace. flstats also by Minshall prints flow statistics. ethereal by Gerald Combs is a traffic analyzer with a graphical user interface. ethereal uses the pcap library, and thus, can replay a tcpdump file. Our ttt (Tele Traffic Tapper) tool displays composition graphs of protocols and host addresses in real time. ttt can replay a trace file at a given speed so that it is possible to replay a 1-hour trace in 1 minute.

Kenjiro Cho