Internet Infrastructure technologies

Internet Infrastructure technologies

Speedy, safety, reliable, and convenient, the requirement of internet service become increasing. To respond to these requests, the technologies for internet infrastructure is progressing day by day. The Internet became the social infrastructure installed complex functions beyond a connection service. IIJ Research Laboratory addresses various technology problem to provide expected functions as internet infrastructure.

One of the most important things to connect the Internet infrastructure is that connected devices work under defined method. The defined method is called 'Protocol'. Protocols used in Internet are standardized in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). We participate in IETF and contribute standardization of protocols. In particular, we try to find flaws of protocols and propose better methods by implementing new protocols being standardized and verify interoperability with other implementations.

IIJ Research Laboratory addresses operation and management automation technologies to respond to user request quickly, and to provide stable service. Automation is also important for efficient operation the scale-up internet infrastructure. Internet infrastructure works involved many systems complexity in providing the functions for the various requirement. We proposed that effective cooperation of service and system can provide more user-friendly network services.

Moreover, IIJ Research Laboratory challenges new trial to face the changing internet technologies, such as high-speed access to the big data, security and Web technologies and precise time synchronization technology at the distant places.