What's IIJ Research Laboratory

IIJ Research Laboratory was established with the aim of creating new, innovative fundamental technologies in Japan for the next generation Internet and contributing to society and the IIJ Group through research and development.

Vision and Mission

The Internet has rapidly found its way into households and corporates worldwide as a fundamental technology of communication and has been accepted as an indispensable communication media in our daily life. It is, however, still on its way of development and we need more and more innovations in technologies to make it an easier and safer communication infrastructure for all of us.

We, as a member of the IIJ Group, will continue to investigate into new possibilities of the internet technologies and try to propagate them widely through our active contribution to the Internet community.

With our corporate vision above, our missions are;

developing new fundamental technologies essential to the next generation Internet,
associating the Internet communities and the IIJ Group with each other, and
contributing to education for bringing up innovative engineers.

Innovation Incubation Education