Christoff VISSER

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The focus of my research is on understanding Network Automation and Software Defined Networking (SDN) systems and how these can be used to make to make networking easier to learn, use and manage.

Research Topics

The Internet is a complex interconnected network of networks, each run by different organizations. These networks have their own teams, rules, and processes. This complexity makes it challenging to oversee the Internet as a unified entity. Through the use of concepts such as Network Automation and Software Defined Networking (SDN), we can simplify this complexity. Allowing us to make digital twins of existing networks to test changes and make networks more reliable. Combining this with principles from software development, we aim to make networks easier to study, manage, and maintain.

  • Network Automation
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Digital Twinning
  • Network Testing

Professional Activities


  • Christoff Visser, Romain Fontugne. "Inside the Engine Room: Investigating Steam's Content Delivery Platform Infrastructure in the Era of 100GB Games", Proceedings of PAM'24. Virtual event. March 2024. (pdf, bib, website)
  • Visser, Christoff; Bruyere, Marc. A Network Testing Framework For Everyone. In the 17th Asian Internet Engineering Conference (AINTEC). December 2022.
  • Bruyere, Marc; Visser, Christoff; Tuncer, Daphne. "Toward Evaluating the Complexity to Operate a Network", Arxiv Preprint. (pdf, bib)
  • Visser, Christoff; Yamamoto, Seiichi; Takashi, Tomine; Sekiya, Yuji; Bruyere, Marc. "HolistIX: a zero-touch approach for IXPs", CNSM '21 - WorkShop Intent-based Networking. (pdf, bib)