Research Advisor

Eiiti WADA

Think recursively, write functionally
Conducted the developments of Wadalab fonts and the Happy Hacking Keyboard. Many hours are now consumed in programming for drawing pictures.

Research Topics

  • Visualization of Internet Activities

Professional Activity



  • Eiiti Wada, Animation Program for the Happy Hacking Keyboard, Summer Programming Symposium, August 2004
  • Eiiti Wada, Universal FIFOL machine, 46th Programming Symposium, January 2005
  • Eiiti Wada, Astronomical Topics in Computer Science Papers, 10th workshop, Tenmou no Kai, January 2005
  • Eiiti Wada, 'Lessons from the Past' session, 67th National Convention of IPSJ, March 2005
  • Eiiti Wada, Anatomy of Prof. Nakanishi's Programming, Conference of the Japan Society for Symbolic and Algebraic Computation, June 2005


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