Senior Researcher


Dreaming freely to raise the reality by one tone.

Research Topics

Networking computer science as a strong implication in engineering science. The real feedbacks are essential. Networking is not a new area in computer science and engineering. The Internet is an infrastructure running for decades now at a global scale, what best demonstration. The approach and methodology for my research here is to get more direct as possible operational and in production experiments for designing the right Software Defined Networking abstraction.

  • New Generation Internet Architecture
  • Intend-Based Networking
  • Operational Research
  • People-centric Research


  • Member of the WIDE project
  • Forum Program Committee member of EURO-IX
  • Occasional reviewer for journals and conference from IEEE or ACM.
  • Co-founder of the ISP and President of the TouIX

Latest Publications
  • Bruyere, Marc; Tuncer, Daphne"For a joint operator-centric approach to assessing network management effort", ACM SIGCOMM '23 - WorkShop SNIP2+ (pdf, bib)
  • Marechal, Emeline; Shao, Yining; Bruyère, Marc; Donnet, Benoit. "A First-Look at Segment Routing Deployment in a Large European ISP", ACM IMC '22 . (pdf, bib)
  • Loye, Justin; Mouysset, Sandrine; Bruyère, Marc; Jaffrès-Runser, Katia. "Global Internet public peering capacity of interconnection: a complex network analysis", Arxiv Preprint. (pdf, bib)
  • Bruyere, Marc; Visser, Christoff; Tuncer, Daphne. "Toward Evaluating the Complexity to Operate a Network", Arxiv Preprint. (pdf, bib)
  • Visser, Christoff; Yamamoto, Seiichi; Takashi, Tomine; Sekiya, Yuji; Bruyere, Marc. "HolistIX: a zero-touch approach for IXPs", CNSM '21 - WorkShop Intent-based Networking. (pdf, bib)
  • Nougnanke, Kokouvi Benoit; Labit, Yann; Bruyere, Marc. "ML-based Incast Performance Optimization in Software-Defined Data Centers", HPSR '21 IEEE Conference High Performance Switching and Routing. (pdf, bib)


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