Considering that individual personally identifiable information ("personal information") shall be treated carefully under idea of respect as individuals, IIJ Innovation Institute Inc. ("IIJ-II") is committed to handle personal information properly. IIJ-II recognizes its responsibility to protect your personal information strictly as a corporate which handles personal information in its operation such as incubation business. Therefore, IIJ-II established Privacy Policy as follows, which IIJ-II notify to its personnel and publicize, and makes efforts to collect, use, provide personal information properly.

Person in Charge

IIJ-II assigns a person in charge of controlling to protect your personal information at each of its divisions which handle personal information and ensures that such persons will control to protect personal information properly.

Collection of Personal Information

When IIJ-II collects your personal information, IIJ-II makes efforts to specify the purpose of use, notifies, in advance, you the contact point of IIJ-II with regard to personal information, the purpose, the use of collecting personal information and the scoop of such collection as is limited to the extent necessary. IIJ-II does not collect personal information without your consent or inadequate way.

Use of Personal Information

IIJ-II uses and provides your personal information within the scoop of the purpose notified in accordance with the previous section and obtains your prior approval in case that IIJ-II will use or provide your personal information outside the scope of such purpose.

Non-Disclosure of Personal Information

IIJ-II does not disclose your personal information to any third party unless provided in the previous section or required by law or otherwise.

Security of Personal Information

IIJ-II takes sufficient measurement to protect your personal information from such risks with regard to personal information as unauthorized access, loss of information, destruction, tampering, disclosure or otherwise.

Inquiry and Correction of Personal Information

When you desire to inquiry for or correct your personal information, you may make contact to the contact point of IIJ-II and IIJ-II responds to such requests soon to the extent reasonable.

Provision or Entrustment of Personal Information

IIJ-II may provide your personal information or entrust collection or control of your personal information to third parties other than IIJ-II for the purpose of use provided in section 2. In this case, IIJ-II will ensure that such third parties will meet sufficient level to protect personal information.

Compliance to the Laws and Regulations and Improvement of this Policy

IIJ-II abides by the laws and regulations applied with regard to personal information and makes continuous efforts to improve the measurement and activities provided in this Policy.

Personal data collected in EEA and transferred from EEA

Please refer to IIJ Group Global Privacy Policy for personal data collected in European Economic Area (henceforth "EEA" on this page) and transferred from EEA.

Kiyoshi Ishida,
Representative Director / Personal Information Protection Manager
IIJ Innovation Institute Inc.

If you have any questions on our Privacy Policy or our treatment of your personal information,
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