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Traffic Data Repository at the WIDE Project

$\textstyle \parbox{2in}{\center \rm Kenjiro Cho \\ {\em Sony CSL}
\\ {\small \tt}}$ $\textstyle \parbox{2in}{\center \rm Koushirou Mitsuya \\ {\em Keio University}
\\ {\small \tt}}$ $\textstyle \parbox{2in}{\center \rm Akira Kato \\ {\em The University of Tokyo}
\\ {\small \tt}}$


It becomes increasingly important for both network researchers and operators to know the trend of network traffic and to find anomaly in their network traffic. This paper describes an on-going effort within the WIDE project to collect a set of free tools to build a traffic data repository containing detailed information of our backbone traffic. Traffic traces are collected by tcpdump and, after removing privacy information, the traces are made open to the public. We review the issues on user privacy, and then, the tools used to build the WIDE traffic repository. We will report the current status and findings in the early stage of our IPv6 deployment.


Kenjiro Cho